Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Spicing Up Your Oversized Button Down Shirt

Oversized Button Down Shirt is another classic staple piece that can be worn in many ways. This post I am going to show fast and easy ways to spice up your classic oversized button down shirt. It's fast, simple and chic!

Instead of tucking it all in, try half tucked your oversized button down shirt for that cool and relaxed vibes.

Embrace your feminine side, unbutton the top of your shirt. Pull the shirt down to show a bit of your skin.

Take your classic oversized shirt to the next level, leave the top part of you shirt unbuttoned. Pull the shirt down and wear it off the shoulder. Then unbutton the bottom of your shirt and knot it up. This helps accentuate your curve and show off your abs muscles. Doesn't like to reveal too much skin? You can still wear the shirt this way and pair it with high waist pants or skirts.

Outfit Details

Shein Embroidery Button Down Shirt / Brown Dog Store Two-Tone Denim / Lace Pencil Skirt / Zara Choker / Pink Metallic Shoes


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Singapore Laneway Festival 2017

This is the recap of my memory about St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2017 in Singapore and information for festival goers!

Nice mix of international acts such as Glass Animals Indie rock band from Oxford known for its quirky sound, Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer, song writer, and producer, Tourist (William Phillips) Grammy award winner for song of the year for co-written "Stay with me" by Sam Smith producer and song writer, Tycho American ambient electronic band, Whitney indie rock band from Chicago, and more.

Great outdoor venue The event located at the Meadow, Gardens by the bay. It is quite small and cozy compare to other music festivals. The best thing is Garden Stage and Bay stage located next to each other, so you can easily switch stages as you please. Unlike other music festival where there're many stages and your have to spare sometimes to walk from one stage to another and end up didn't get to watch full performance of your favorite acts! I consider that the most disappointing thing that could ever happen to festival goers! 

All live acts have great visual accompaniment 

Weather sucks! Rain Coat is a Must! It rained continuously from late afternoon until late evening. 

Food & Drinks are available inside the venue.

Suggested Laneway Outfit light and flowy pieces with a touch of boho accessories to keep you comfy and chic all day long.

Taxi is the most convenient transportation from city center Take a taxi to Gardens by the bay then walk 7-10 mins to The Meadow. It's very easy as you will see the signs along the way leading you to the venue. Not sure about the direction? You can go to staff at the reception near taxi drop-off and pick-up.

For those who might be interested in attending the event next year, here's my Singapore Laneway Festival 2017 Budget break down (2 day 1 night) :

Tiger air round trip Bangkok-Singapore & Singapore - Bangkok: 4,221 THB
Amara Hotel: Approximately 2,000 THB per person 1 night
St. Jerome's Laneway ticket: 4,782 THB or 185 SG Dollar. 
Transportation from airport to city center & city center to airport: 500 THB per person
Suggested Pocket Money 4,000 - 5,000 THB 
Total Budget: 15,000 -16,000 THB

Have a great day!

B' Style Voyage

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Alex Face Alive Exhibition

This exhibition features over 30 new artworks of his signature 3 eyed rabbit through the form of sculptures and paintings.
Date: Today till February 19th, 2017 
Operating Hours: Wednesday -  Sunday, 1 PM - 7 PM